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Indoor air quality can have an affect on your health and well-being. We offer service and installation of air quality enhancing products.


Reduce viruses, bacteria and mold



Beat the dry Colorado air



Reduce particles in the air



Our indoor air quality products help you maintain a healthy home. Most air pollutants are invisible to the human eye which makes them hard to recognize. Air purifiers reduce viruses, bacteria and mold to help reduce odors and keep people healthy. Humidifiers add moisture to the air to make breathing easier while reducing nose bleeds and static discharge. Air cleaners can help reduce foreign particles in the air that may cause respiratory irritation.

The Whole-House Air Purifiers that we install have many excellent features. Unlike stationary purifiers, they are able to improve the air quality in every part of the home that the heating and air conditioning system reaches. Another thing that makes them unique is that they produce hydro-peroxides which travel through the air in the home and help disinfect surfaces. 

Without a Whole-House Humidifier, the air inside a home can become very dry during the colder months in Colorado. This dry air can cause excessive nose bleeds, itchy skin and static discharge. Similar to our air purifiers, the humidifiers can reach every part of the home that the heating and air conditioning system reaches. An added benefit is that they can help increase the longevity of products inside the home including hardwood floors, trim and decor.

Foreign particles floating inside the home can cause respiratory irritation and may lead to excessive dust on surfaces. A Whole-House Air Cleaner can catch more particles than a standard air filter. These can help people breath easier and dust less: it's a win-win.

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